We at Domitia take sustainability as a high priority.

As a conscious start-up in the cosmetic field, we ask ourselves; how can we develop sustainable products for parents and their babies whilst looking at minimizing the impacts from a wider perspective?

We have the passion and ambition to do good for the people and the planet.

Transparency in all what we do is important. We continuously strive to understand the impact of ingredients, processes and packaging we use and look for ways to improve our products.

We believe that together we can make a contribution to a better world and connect nature with people.




We follow a few basic principles in what we do:

  • Offer natural and organic cosmetics
  • Always be honest & transparent about the ingredients we use
  • Develop our products with minimal environmental footprint
  • Aim for sustainable packaging and to minimise waste
  • Certification by an independent organization
  • Continuous research & development to improve our performance
  • Support local communities where our products are manufactured




    All the ingredients we use have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties to the skin and their impact on the environment.

    That is why we strive to use only natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality produced locally.

    We are proud of our ingredients and are always transparent about the composition of our products.




    We are committed to continuously seek for new ingredients and identify materials that could bring benefits to the skin.

    An important breakthrough was the extraction of precious serum from the buffalo milk which was tested in the secret family formulas.

    These formulas were blended with natural organic extracts also grown on the farm or locally, like Aloe Vera and Olives.

    In future stages we also plan to study the herbs from regional ancient forests for their skin protecting and caring properties, bringing constant innovation into our cosmetic products.



    Our entire production process is in line with the highest ethical values and highest standards of respect for people and the environment. Every single choice of the company is aimed at reduction of CO2 emissions, natural resources management of all ingredients and with respect of the environment in the production cycle.